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Being a baby photographer is the most magical job and I’m always honoured to beable to photograph your beautiful newborn baby. I not only want you to have amazing pictures that you treasure but also have a wonderful experience whilst you are in the studio for your newborn baby photoshoot. I want you to look back on our time together fondly and I look forward to welcoming you all back year after year with your growing family.

Newborn baby photographs are so wonderful to look back on. You baby will grow and change so quickly and it all feels as if it whizzs by in the blink of an eye. Imagine yourself sat with your child years from now, looking back at their newborn baby photos and wondering how they were ever this tiny. It’s something my husband and I do often now, either together or with our two children.


When is the best time to book my newborn session?


I recommend booking your baby photography session ideally around 12 weeks before your due date, although I take bookings anytime from your 20 week scan onwards. I only book 3 newborn photography sessions each week to allow some diary shuffling for early & late arrivals so it’s best to book early to be guaranteed  a session.

12 weeks before due

Can we include family pictures or pictures of our other children in our photography session?


Of course, these are included in a full newborn photography session but not in a newborn mini session as there just isn’t time within 1 hour. A new baby is a big event for the whole family and I always encourage parents and siblings to have some pictures with the new baby too. Young siblings don’t need to stay for the whole session, you can arrange for someone to bring them along at the start or the end for a few pictures.


Of course.

How old should my baby be at their newborn photo session?


True newborn photography sessions are best done when your baby is between 5-14 days old.

This is when your baby is still sleepy and curly so you get those beautiful tiny details. After this time, babies can become more awake and can develop colic and baby acne and it makes it more difficult to get those sleepy pictures. Some babies arrive early or late and we will always work together once your babies arrives to make sure we get your photographs at the best possible time.

I am always happy to chat to you about photographing your baby at any age. I can advise you on when might be best to get you the most lovely pictures.

Ideally between 5-14 days old

What should we wear for the session? 


I advise plain and neutral colours for your session as these will stand the test of time and not detract from your newborn baby. 

Whites, creams, greys and blacks are all good colours. No strong logos. Feel free to bring a couple of options for a different look. Some people bring a bag full if they can’t decide, I’m happy to advise you beforehand or on the day. 

Plain, light colours work best.

How do I book my newborn photography session? 


Just give me a call on 07794259408 or email: lisa@drawnbylightphotography.co.uk with your due date.

I will then send you an invoice for your newborn session fee of £45. Once this is paid, your provisional slot is secured and I will confirm a definite date once your baby arrives.

Give me a call or email me with your due date.

What happens if my baby is early or late? What happens to my provisional baby photography slot?


When you book your newborn photography session, we just make a provisional booking, a floating slot. You get in touch with me as soon as you can after your baby arrives and then we confirm your newborn photosession into the next availabe slot in my diary, this is within the first 2 weeks or your baby being born.

We move your session accordingly

What happens if my baby is fussy and won’t sleep? 


All babies are different and some babies sleep for the whole session and some sleep  very little. We find that babies sleep best when they are comfortable and have a nice full tummy. We will always ask you to put baby in a clean nappy and feed them before we start. I will send you a newborn booklet before your session with lots of tips to help you get the most from your session with me. Whatever happens, I’ll do my very best to take some beautiful pictures of you and your baby. 

I will do my best to take beautiful pictures anyway.