newborn baby photographer

“The Littlest feet make the biggest footprints on our hearts”

newborn baby photographer – west yorkshire

what to expect at your newborn photo session

During my years as a newborn baby photographer, I have picked up lots of tips and tricks to make sure that your newborn photo session runs smoothly but also lots of tips that you can take home with you to help settle your baby.

1. add me to your list of people to tell that your baby has arrived.

When you book a newborn photography session with me, we put a provisional slot in the diary for somewhere in the first two weeks after your baby is born. Babies come when they are ready and not when we want them to, my years of being a newborn baby photographer and having my own two children and have taught me this as both of mine were too comfy to come on time. I ask that you let me know as soon as you can when baby arrives (as I’m always excited to get the news) and then we confirm your floating slot into the next available newborn photography date in the studio diary.

2. be prepared that your baby might feed a bit more often

The studio will be nice and toasty warm for your newborn photography session, to make sure that your baby is comfortable and I will keep checking throughout the session to make sure they are not too hot or not too cold. As I gently handle your baby and move them into different positions they may stir and it’s possible that they might not sleep quite as much as they would at home having a cuddle with you. When babies wake, their first instinct is for food and even if they’re not hungry, they may look for a tiny top up of milk just to settle them back again into a slumber. I also recommend that you bring a dummy with you if you’ve chosen to use one. no problem if not, we will just have an extra cuddle to get back off to sleep

3. come as you are

I always remember what a challenge it was those first few weeks to get myself dressed and presentable and then get a baby fed and dressed as well as a changing bag packed and mobilise everyone out of the house. It was such a shock to the system and inevitably there would be a last minute poo or some baby sick to deal with just as I thought I was winning. For many families, this might be the first outing since your baby came home. As a Newborn baby photographer, I always tell new parents not to put extra pressure on themselves. I totally understand when you turn up at the studio in your sweat pants and a mum bum with your breakfast in your handbag. I want you to be able to relax and enjoy your time at the studio. You make yourself a cuppa when you want to, have a snooze in the chair or take your time and put your face on and straighten your hair in the studio if you’ve chosen to include family pictures. My Studio – Is your studio!

4. most importantly, i want your to enjoy your newborn photography session

Relax and enjoy yourself. Whatever that means for you. Whether it means having a snooze or sitting with me and asking questions, the studio is a relaxed environment. We can chat before the session and I’ll send you lots of helpful information beforehand to make sure everything runs smoothly. You are in safe hands. I’m specially trained in the art of newborn posing and safety and I see the responsibility of photographing your precious baby as a huge honour.